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Heeton Holdings

Heeton Holdings expertise lies in the real estate development. Over the years Heeton Holdings has managed to foster the development of incredible high-standard residential properties in the heart of Singapore. Districts. They have managed to stay at the top of the industry by meeting our client’s needs while ensuring to uphold transparency and integrity in service delivery.

At Heeton Holdings, it is no longer about us but you as an investor. By offering timely advise on areas related to real estate and investment, Heeton Holdings give an investor an upper hand in decision making on what perfectly suits the needs.

To expand our market reach and be able to give our investors a variety of options, Heeton Holdings partnered with some of the renowned property developers in Singapore and beyond, to come up with masterpiece properties both locally and regionally. Some of Heeton Holdings international property investments include; Sapporo Japan, United Kingdom, Britain, Manchester, and Hilton.

Chip Eng Seng

Chip Eng Seng is a real estate developer that is a household name in Singapore. It is a reputable developer as Chip Eng Seng has a reputable track record for the clients.

Chip Eng Seng is listed on the SGX-ST. Mr Lim Tiam Seng founded the company in the 1960s when he worked as a subcontractor in the real estate field. The business quickly grew because of its quality work and competitive prices. The firm then took on the important role of becoming the main contractor. The firm got its first HDB project in 1982 as the main contractor. This was an important project for this company because it signalled a new era for the firm in terms of market perception and brand recognition. The company information is also comprehensive with an extensive track record for potential investors in the development.

Chip Eng Seng has a diversified portfolio which comprises development and investment of industrial, commercial, and residential properties including Park Colonial Woodleigh MRT Station. The firm has also received a wide array of awards that make us feel proud of our work every single day in the real estate industry. The company have been acquiring a lot of sites for both investment and development. Partnerships are many, and we are very proud of them. The company has also been working hard to establish many joint ventures with famous, reputable foreign funds such as Citadel Equity Fund. We also love going beyond any kind of local boundary at all, as we strive to find the best opportunities.